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Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities with Guide Dogs of the Desert

  • Tour Guides: Welcome visitors and conduct tours of the Training Center. Provide an overview of our mission and how we achieve it, and also discuss how others can become involved in our activities.
  • Speaker’s Bureau: A group of volunteers trained to speak to Lion’s Clubs, Community groups and schools in California and across the United States to make the public aware of who we are, what we do, how we do it and how they can help. This is a volunteer based program that includes puppy raisers, graduates, area coordinators and others who are dedicated to providing information about the mission of Guide Dogs of the Desert and educating the public as to how Guide Dogs of the Desert provides opportunities to the blind for safe mobility, loving companionship and the “miracle of independence.
  • Student Interaction: During classes, volunteers may be needed to drive students to religious services, medical appointments, shopping, or community events.
  • Puppy Raisers: Puppy Raisers take 12 week-old puppies into their homes until they reach 18-22 months of age. Our puppy raisers share their love and time to help a visually impaired person by giving guide dog puppies a special upbringing. Puppy raisers provide obedience and manners training that serve as the foundation for future guide dog training.
  • Brood/Stud Fosters: These volunteers serve as foster families for dogs active in the breeding program. Fosters are responsible for keeping the dog in excellent physical condition and providing a safe, loving environment for our valuable breeding stock.
  • Assist in Special Events: Work at various events that support our organizations such as graduations, booth volunteers and fundraising.

Please Complete Your Online Volunteer Web Application

Alternatively, download this PDF application and mail it in.

  • Take Action - Be A Volunteer for A Great Cause
  • Applicant Information

  • Address * Required
  • Emergency Contact

  • Address
  • Availability

  • Weekdays
  • Weekends
  • Interests

  • What Areas are you interested in.
  • Special Skills

  • (such as computers, data entry, Braille reading, sign language, photography, etc. Please also list any previous experience that we may utilize such as public relations, media contacts, public speaking, fundraising, public speaking, animal training, etc)
  • Application Agreement

    By signing this application, I understand and agree to the following:

    I authorize Guide Dogs of the Desert (GDD) to seek medical treatment for me in the case of accident, injury or illness that I might sustain while participating in any activity of GDD, while in, or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted.

    I release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue GDD, their directors, officers, servants, agents or employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of, or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, whether caused by the negligence of the releaser or otherwise, while participating in any such activity.

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