Our Staff

Management Team

Sarah Clapp
Executive Director

Trina Ver Vooren
  Director of Canine Development

Nick Terrones
 Director of Training

Curt Bergeron
Operations & Finance Director

Lori Miller
Breeding Program Director

Lynne Elwan
Director of Development


Maria Campbell
Development Assistant

Jennifer Pinder
Admissions Assistant / Assistant/Groomer

Linda Samulski 
Student Services Liaison

Suzanne Suter
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Becky White
Finance Assistant


Kennel Department

Angel Coleman
Animal Health Manager

Liz Hile
Canine Development Manager

Kennel Technicians

Cheri Duncan
Kimberly Farr

Hanna Miller
Terry Tunstall
Bryan Hughes
Kelsi McCausland
Stella Ontiveros

Guide Dog Training Department


Licensed Guide Dog Mobility Instructors and Orientation and Mobility Specialists

Michal Anna Padilla
Training Supervisor - O&M Specialist & Licensed GDMI

Emily Goodland
O&M Specialist & Licensed GDMI

Apprentice Instructors
Megan Dunn
Noah Tavor


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