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Breeder Host Montly Report

Event Policy and Application Event Policy and Application

    Guide Dogs of the Desert (GDD) is most appreciative to be the beneficiary of fundraising events and
projects hosted by individuals, groups and service organizations within the community.
In order to ensure that all proposed fundraising events/projects are in keeping with our organizational
guidelines, and in compliance with regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations, we ask your
understanding and cooperation of the following:
1. Complete and return the attached Independent Event Application Form to receive authorization to
conduct an event on behalf of Guide Dogs of the Desert, at least 30 days in advance of the event.
All requests will receive a response within seven (7) days of receipt. proceedure and fill out the application.

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Puppy Raiser Monthly Report:

Apply for a Guide Dog: Online Form

 — Medical Info Form PDF (Required)

 — Video Interview Form PDF (Required)

Apply for a Change of Career Dog: 

Volunteer Application: 

Employment Application: 

Speakers Bureau Forms

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