Executive Director Message

Executive Director Message – February 2017

Sarah Clapp and Palmer

During late 2016 we had five litters of puppies born - - - total of 40 puppies!  One of the puppies – Palmer – sponsored by the Big 106 KPLM – is pictured with me and I have the privilege of puppy raising Palmer.  Ah, it's like returning to the toddler days of raising our daughter . . . a lot of joy and a lot of "oh my goodness, what did I get myself into!"

With February our thoughts turn to hearts and expressing our love and appreciation.  Here at Guide Dogs of the Desert there is no exception as we once again appreciatively open the campus and our hearts to six clients who are now training with their matched guide dogs.  We also express appreciation to you, our many donors and supporters, for sharing resources to make it possible for the current class to be custom training with their guide dog to enhance their mobility and independence.

Please mark your calendar for graduation – Saturday, February 18 at 12:00 noon, here at the campus.  We look forward to sharing the celebration with you.


Sarah Clapp

Sarah Clapp
Executive Director

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